Why Power Output Is Important In A Frequency Generator

When comparing the various instruments power output is a very important consideration. This is the reason the GB-4000 uses a carrier frequency so that more power can be output safely.

The power output of most frequency generators on the market today that do not use an RF carrier frequency is only about 0.20 of 1 watt. The GB-4000 with the use of an RF carrier is about 2 watts and is over 9 times more powerful than these instruments. With the use of the optional SR-4 amplifier it is over 50 times more powerful.

Add to this the ability to drive sidebands with the groundbreaking 3.1 MHz carrier wave and the GB4000 is tough to compete with. For the best combo check out our MOPA Amplifier for the GB4000 to drive the frequencies through a plasma tube.