The SR4 RF Amplifier Only

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The SR-4 Amplifier Specifications and Features…………….

  • Power output: Increases the RF output of the GB-4000 from 2 watts up to 10 watts.
  • Inputs: Connects to the GB-4000 with 2 cables provided.
  • Outputs: 4 sets of dual outputs for multiple use.
  • L.E.D: RF indicator light confirms RF output.
  • Power output control: Power output is controlled by the GB-4000.
  • Frequency range: 0.1 to 30 million hertz.
  • Amplification capability: Can amplify all the capabilities of the GB-4000.
  • The SR-4 amplifier is priced at $695.00. This price includes shipping in the USA. Please contact
    your distributor to order the SR-4 amplifier.

SR-4 1-30 Megahertz Amplifier.

1-10 watts output.

GB-4000 connected to the SR-4 Amplifier.


Investment: $695