Runs All of the Original Frequencies

All the original frequencies were in the radio frequency spectrum yet many modern frequency generators only run audio (lower) frequencies. Our machine covers the entire spectrum starting in the audio range and all the way up to 20 million Hz.

Plus you'll get the added accuracy of a precisely calculated RF carrier frequency which is correlated with the audio frequency. No other machine that I've seen delivers such precision.

Additionally when you consider the MOPA Amplifieryou get the advantage of a vintage vacuum tube driver to duplicate the type of technology used in the 1930's. There were no solid state machines back then so this is vital for replicating vintage technology.

GB-4000 Specifications

20 Megahertz Sweep/Function Generator

The only Frequency Generator capable of running 8 frequencies simultaneously.

The GB-4000 is the only FREQUENCY GENERATOR available that………

  • Frequency range of 0.01 to 20 million hertz.
  • Produces digitally accurate frequencies converted to analog for full analog harmonics.
  • New! Incorporates a groundbreaking new 3.1 MHz RF (Radio Frequency) carrier wave technology to give massive versatility in sideband frequencies when using squarewave audio frequencies.
  • Carrier wave can be turned off so user can use it as a standard low audio frequency generator.
  • Produces square wave harmonics..
  • Displays all frequencies on the LCD – not hidden program numbers like other frequency generators.
  • Allows you to program your own frequencies and groups of frequencies (2000 custom channels available, each channels stores up to 48 frequencies).
  • Computer programmable software included.
  • Runs either single or multiple frequencies (up to 8 frequencies simultaneously).
  • Capable of running a 90% duty cycle (almost double the power of other instruments; other frequency generators typically can only run a 50% duty cycle).
  • Incorporates gating capabilities from 5 – 2500 Hz with a 10 – 90% duty cycle.
  • Capable of running both sine wave and square wave waveforms.
  • Channel sweep capabilities in all 2000 channels.
  • Capable of running both narrow and broad range sweeps.
  • Capable of running converge sweeps to 20 million hertz.
  • Offers 4 outputs (other frequency generators have only 2 outputs).
  • 9 times more powerful than any audio frequency generator.